With a proven governance framework and wealth of experience in NRAS compliance, AAHS is responsible for the management of over 4,500 properties across the country on behalf of its investors and external investors utilising AAHS compliance services.

AAHS provides a unique national compliance service to other approved participants to handle all their compliance requirements for over 1,500 investors. To date we have successfully lodged over 3,000 claims and already submitted over 8,000 documents to the government portal for the 2018/19 NRAS year.

Why not let us provide you with a compliance service that takes the stress away from lodging your claims and meeting the required processing time? 

The AAHS compliance team can provide you with:

  • A unique compliance services for the NRAS to approved participants and property managers as well as providing training and training materials to ensure a consistent approach; 
  • A system that delivers exceptional compliance results for investors in the NRAS; 
  • An extensive knowledge of the NRAS regulations, RTA across states and related legislation;
  • A complete service covering audit checks on all relevant documentation required by government; 
  • Submitting documents and claims to the government portals on your behalf, and issue the incentives to investors; and 
  • Comprehensive reports that track your incentives by NRAS year.

How do we do this? We have trialled and tested systems in place that ensure we meet the compliance requirements each year.

For more information about joining our client group, please contact us